Knockin’ Around the Fastlane: Sunglasses Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Knockaround Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

I LOVE SUNGLASSES! I love having a large amount of styles to chose from, as well as different colors to match my outfits. Having a decent sized collection of different sunglasses resting on the table next to my front door, I jumped at the chance to review a new style of Knockaround Sunglasses: Fastlanes.

I’ve never owned a pair of Knockarounds before this review, but am familiar with a few other brands of running sunglasses. First thing I noticed when I went through their site is that they have so many styles and colors. And if you don’t find a particular combo that you’re absolutely in love with? You can custom make them!

I picked out the color Blues on the Water. Blue is definitely my favorite color so they would match most of my running clothes. First impressions when I received them were great. They are very affordable at around $20 per pair (before sale prices or discounts, because I am always looking for those!) In hand, they seemed heavy enough to feel like they wouldn’t bounce and had a shiny lacquer to them. I actually went online and bought two more pairs from another line. (A light shade of blue and a pair of emerald green ones. I just love jewel tones.) With our coupon code and their 40% off sale, I nabbed another two pair for around $25!

The Fastlanes are a bit bigger than the typical pair of sunglasses I wear. I’m pretty small, so they take up a huge amount of my face. Great for super bright days, but I found them a bit difficult to wear in combination with my typical hat and Aftershokz, but switching to a headband fixed some of the crowding issues around the ears. Other pairs I ordered from Knockaround were definitely smaller in size, so this is probably a feature of the Fastlanes. If you are on the bigger headed side, these around a great choice.

Since I received these babies around the end of March, I’ve probably ran in them at least two dozen times. And they’ve got some great features. While being bigger than my typical glasses, they DON’T MOVE. With some inexpensive sunglasses, they have a tendency to bounce or slowly scooch down the nose over time, so you’re pushing them back up every few minutes or so. Definitely not a problem with the Fastlanes!

I also run in high humidity fairly often and since the Fastlanes are a bit bigger, they’re slightly farther from my face. I haven’t had any problems with them fogging up. They’ve been great for runs and for lounging outside in the increasingly hot Texas weather.

I’ll also say these sunglasses are fairly tough. I have a habit of leaving glasses on top of my head when I don’t need them. This leads me to dropping them A LOT when I forget that they are there. I’ve dropped these several times with no problems all, so they’re tough enough to withstand me on my best/worst days.

One critique I do have about the pair I received was that they had a slight plastic odor. I didn’t really notice it at first, but after leaving them in the car one afternoon, the odor was definitely stronger. However, this might have been a fluke or something to do with that particular color, as the later pairs I ordered didn’t have the odor at all.

In Summary, I highly recommend Knockaround Sunglasses for other runners. After receiving my first pair, I bought two more! They’re inexpensive enough that I can continually add to collection, hardy enough to take my wear and tear. If the Fastlanes are not the style for you, make sure to check out their other styles. For example, I’m pretty sure my next purchase will be some Mile Highs, because I just love aviators!

Even my Dog loves the Knockarounds

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